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Voice over diction.

We all want our reads to be understood by the listener. However, this is not as easy as it appears because we are competing with years of habit. Many,many years in my case. 1.”The” and “a”. We pronounce “the” with a soft “e.” Pronounce “a” with a soft “a”. This is how we generally say […]

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Bringing words to life.

Bringing words to life is  the essence of what a Voiceover artist does.  As the name implies, an artist paints a picture, a Voiceover artists job is to colour it in with emotion. The world over, talent show judges will wax lyrical about artists who have impressed them. “You owned the stage” or “You made […]

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Voice of God

I’ve been asked to Narrate a Nativity play on radio this year.  I play the “Voice of God” and      of course I’m very excited about the prospect. Firstly I’m thrilled to be asked, because it’s not every day that someone sees you as “God” (Not even the cat) but also, I can let my […]

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When you have a cold

Oh, no! Cold viruses can infect us when we: (1) Touch environmental surfaces that have cold germs on them and then touch our eyes, nose or mouth; and (2) Inhale microscopic droplets of mucus full of cold germs from them We Have Met the Enemy and it is the Public Restroom Fact: the object with […]

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