Bringing Words to Life

Bringing words to life is  the essence of what a Voiceover artist does.  As the name implies, an artist paints a picture, a Voiceover artists job is to colour it in with emotion.

The world over, talent show judges will wax lyrical about artists who have impressed them.

“You owned the stage” or “You made the song your own” are hackneyed phrases, but they do make a  point.

In the same way, a Voiceover artist will make the script his(or her) own. they will infuse it with meaning and style making a unique product, but more importantly, making the market audience “Sit up and listen”.

So How is it done?   A voiceover artist will imagine the person they are aiming the piece at to be in the studio with them, Maybe it’s someone they are familiar with, or perhaps it’s the type from imagination.  What will motivate them?  the VO talent will make the script feel natural, conversational and fresh.  as if they are saying the words for the very first time.

There needs to be a complete understanding of the script, an intimate knowledge of what they’re talking about, almost as if the product they’re selling is their own.

It’s, therefore, essential that the VO can identify keywords and phrases in the piece so that these will resonate with the listener, mix with pace and, voila, colour and shade is added

How a VO interprets information and understands the subtext of the scripts allows them to resonate the various nuances in the words so that the message gets across

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