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Getting the best from a script

Voice artists get scripts in all shapes and sizes, most are well crafted and considered, enabling the Voice Over to do the best possible job for their client.  However, there are a few which don’t do the client any favours and, in reality, harm their message.

Lets look at a few simple ideas which will make your script come to life and do beyond what you imagined.

Few people enjoy writing copy, so the temptation is to get it over and done with and throw it to the Voice Talent to sort out.  You can do better than that.

  1. Grab a coffee, forget the script for a few minutes, you will be amazed what you spot when you look again with fresh eyes.
  2. Think about what you really want to achieve.  Have you conveyed that to the Voice talent and are you sure they understand.?
  3. Do you want to direct the Voice during the session? its not as easy as it would seem.  A professional ,VO, will be happy for you do this. But wait a minute, if you have produced a clear and concise brief in the first place do you really want to bother?
  4. Mood and atmosphere.  It’s not enough to say. “It’s a straightforward corporate read” and hope the Voice Over knows what you want.  Is the read subtle, gentle and quiet or brash, exciting and fast?
  5. “More information out, better results back”   The more information you share with the Voice Over, the more you share your thoughts, the more the Voice over will help you.

It’s always great to have someone on your side. Someone who does the job day in – day out.  It’s also less stressful for you.  Why not make life easier for yourself?

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