Stephen Ryder, adding audio gravitas to your media

I asked Tanya Rich ( to help me to produce a new showreel which would reflect my strapline, “Adding audio gravitas to your media”
I wanted a showcase that would demonstrate a quintessentially British voice; Mature, warm and trusted.

“So how did we achieve this?”

Well, unlike many “so-called” coaches who produce a mediocre piece which neither fits the brief nor does the voice any favours. Tanya will listen and improve your presentation before even thinking about producing a showreel.
How can a studio promise to produce something so important when they haven’t even met you, don’t know your strengths and rarely care?.

I’m delighted by what has been achieved. Take a listen, see what you think?

So, what next?

Were coming up to Christmas so I suspect that some “Jovial gravitas” is called for.

Santa’s voice is to be heard all over the place so back to the studio to record more for Soundcloud.

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