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Voiceover Man on Safari

I’ve parked in a peaceful section of the safari car park, the children dash off to the Adventure Castle, whilst I call in an authoritative voice, “be back by 5”.  They wave, they know I’m approachable, they’ve just relived me of some money for the gift shop.  Or is it for a very British afternoon tea.  No, I’m sure it’s going towards ice cream and cuddly wolves.

My script crackles in my pocket.  I’d better get on with my voiceover.  This is about surgery and I read the narration which outlines the illness.  Glancing up, I see my voice talent has attracted attention.

Sitting in the next car is a horrified family, sandwiches stopped in mid air, eyes wide at my awful ‘illness’.  Quickly picking up my phone, I say into it in a deep male voice, “well we must meet up for a drink sometime” and opening the car door, I’m unsure whether to limp or become Lazarus and stride briskly away.

Oh I do hope I didn’t ruin their picnic.

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