When you have a cold

Oh, no!

Cold viruses can infect us when we: (1) Touch environmental surfaces that have cold germs on them and then touch our eyes, nose or mouth; and (2) Inhale microscopic droplets of mucus full of cold germs from them

We Have Met the Enemy and it is the Public Restroom

Fact: the object with the highest concentration of germs is the inside door handle of a public or office restroom. The restroom fixtures run a close second. This is because so many people do not wash their hands correctly or at all.

When using a public restroom, first check before washing your hands whether you can get a paper towel without having to touch anything, such as a crank or lever, etc. If this isn’t possible, get your towel(s) first and stick them in your pocket. Then, wash your hands. But don’t turn off the water until after you’ve dried your hands. Then, turn off the water with the towel in your hand. Use the same method again to open the door on your way out. If you can hold the door open with your elbow or foot while you toss the towel to a nearby wastebasket, do so. Otherwise throw the towel away after you’ve left the restroom.

In Summary: Second Nature Doesn’t Mean Obsession

Whether or not your livelihood relies on your not catching a cold, keeping your fingers away from your eyes, nose and mouth, and washing your hands correctly can easily become second nature if you really want them to. Just like remembering to bring your cell phone. And you WILL notice a difference after some months go by. A typical disclaimer holds true, however: results may vary. Of course, trying to eat right, being adequately hydrated, and getting enough rest is important, too.

Our computers have firewalls. By instituting a firewall strategy to prevent germs from entering our bodies, we can stay well longer and medicate less.

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